Stillwater Ok Rodeo


Great stock! Very Professional and great to work with. I would recommend Dakota rodeo to anyone wanting to put on a great event.

~Stillwater rodeo~

Pine City MN Rodeo


 My family and I have produced a PRCA rodeo in Pine City MN for the past 10 years using Dakota Rodeo as the Stock Contractor. Dakota Rodeo has always been very professional and helpful. I really appreciate Dakota Rodeo’s guidance and help that as we became more enlightened and knowledgeable about the staging of a rodeo we were able to take a more pro active role in the decision making process thus really making our rodeo unique to us and our community. Dale Heidelberger, Chairman Pine City Rodeo 

Waconia MN Rodeo


Dakota Rodeo has been the stock contractor for our rodeo for the last 7 years. The professionalism and the the quality of livestock has been out standing!   ~Waconia Rodeo~



Medford Wisconsin

 I have held a rodeo in Medford Wisconsin for more than 30 years with Joe Simon of Dakota Rodeo Company serving as the Stock Contractor. He always brought good stock, a good production and always listened to and acted on any concerns we had. Ed Brecke, Medford Rodeo Chairman.